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Obsidian Glass
Uys van der Merwe

This is a Quicktime test.

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This article will demonstrate how to use media objects in eZ publish.

See animations

Below you should se a wonderful animation of the eZ publish logo.

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This article is a demontration of some of the features of the eZ publish? article renderer engine.

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This article will show some of the more advanced eZ publish renderer functionality.

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This article will show how you can use pre defined forms to get feedback from the users on your site.

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eZ publish version 2.2 offers great improvements since version 2.1. The highlights include: PostgreSQL support, template based tags in eZ article and eZ trade, user defined article/trade tags, dynamic form creation, support for media files ( flash, quick time, mpeg etc ) and section support.

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Obsidian Glass - Company profile.
At Obsidian Glass a wide variety of custom solutions are offered. We specialise in the art, design, architectural and interior market.

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"Grid #3"
Part of the A N O M A L Y collection.

Grid #3 will be exhibited at the Hsinchu International Glass Festival, Taiwan.
12 July till 31 August 2014

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MorfforM by Tera Collective
Tera Collective is a Pretoria based Art Collective with
Izanne Wiid, Rina Stutzer, Grietjie Lee, Lothar B÷ttcher, Sarel Petrus, Sybrand Wiechers.

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"Sig" (Afrikaans word for sight)
Open Window hosted the opening of the first Cool Capital Biennale with an exhibition titled "The City, A Form Of Life"
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