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3 Roamers

A series of steel and glass sculptures containing lenses to create awareness of the contiguous space for the viewer.

3 Roamers

In my sculptures glass becomes the focal point. Through the glass the surrounding light and space is manipulated, in a sense captured. The viewer is drawn to the anomaly in space and becomes aware of the surroundings within the glass. What I am actually creating are lenses, showing a point of view (abstractly), changing perspective and observation of the contiguous space.
We see the world around us every day but do we really observe and understand our position in it? So much gets filtered and obscured by believes and personal experiences. Everybody has a unique point of view. The variables are multitude.
Glass becomes a proponent of light. Using science and the theory of observation one could almost explain the experience. Almost…

Roamer #1

Roamer #2

Roamer #3

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