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Production - The carving of Headspace #1

How was Headspace made?

Start with a block of glass and then carve with a diamond saw

The glass is UV-laminated with an engraving of a heart, which is then coloured, sandwitched in the layers.

A permanent marker is used to indicate the shape.

Using the lines drawn with a permanent marker the general shape is cut, sculpturally removing material.

The shape is carved using a diamond saw. The glass is held in my hands all the time.

I work by holding the glass to the machine. This gives me much more control and feel for the cuts. I also use the lines made by the diamond blade to determine shapes and contours. (Yes, it does hurt a bit, but surprisingly there are very few cuts on my hands)

Many hours with blood, sweat and tears later we are getting there.

Almost there... The initial work is done with a 220mm blade and then a smaller one is used to "fine tune" and get into the tight spots.

Result - the head is done. A couple of kilos have been removed and only the eyes still need lenses cut.

Finally, done carving. The eyes still need lenses cut into them. This is done on the same machine, but at way slower speed with grinding, cutting and polishing disks.