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Headspace #10

"Reflecting" on number 10 I would like to show some of the precesses involved.

Step 1 - Firstly float glass is cut to size and laminated via UV-bonding. Now we have a “block” of glass. The eye spaces or headspace is filled in during the lamination process.

Step 2 - Shaping the head. The “block” is then taken to the diamond saw to be cut by hand.

Step 3 - The cutting is a lengthy process which requires delicate handling of the sharp and shattered glass.

Step 4 - Finally the head emerges…

Step 5 - Now the eyes are ground. This is done by using a silicon carbide stone.

Step 6 - After the rough grind the “sand” needs to be cut out with a sand stone wheel.

Step 7 - Pre-polishing is done with a poplar wood wheel and polishing paste.

Step 8 - The high gloss polish is done with a felt wheel and cerium oxide.

Step 9 - Finally the head is held on the large iron disk and ground with silicon carbide grit to determine the angle of the base.

Headspace #10 – reflecting on the world…