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Glass can be Art!!

Glass, where does it come from? Glass mainly consists of silica. The earth’s crust is covered with the stuff, hence the stone = earth.
How is glass made? It takes a lot of heat to melt the silica, soda and lime mixture to a homogenous non crystalline substance we call glass. This was done for centuries in areas where there was enough fuel to fire the furnaces. The fuel used was wood.
The wooden cylinder on the rock resembles the fuel. Forests “manufacture” oxygen for the blower to breath. Hence the shape of a gas bottle = the air breathed into the malleable glass.
The glass bubble floats from the wood “bottle” attached to a stainless steel rod. Stainless steel rods and blowpipes are used to blow the glass.
The bubble has a face cut and polished on it which resembles my face. The expression is agitated, screaming. This is me, screaming GLASS IS ART!!

All these elements are combined in a poetic ensemble, telling a story of origins and the future. I am making a statement as an artist working with glass. Glass can be Art!!

Sand, fire and air, captured in a moment…

Scream! was exhibited at the SASOL New Signatures 2011 Art Exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum.